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Mr. Carroget of biodynamic vineyard Domaine La Paonnerie and secretary at the National Federation of Organic Agriculture (Fnab):

“I am enthusiastic about the potential of the FreeSoil method and its approach for a generative  agriculture. Therefor, Domaine La Paonnerie will be implementing FreeSoil at the start of the 2020 season .”

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“With FreeSoil, we aim to improve plant and soil health to the max.”

Learn more from microbiologist Chris Pelzer about symbiosis and natural resilience.

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Our approach with FreeSoil

FreeSoil brings the diversity of micro-organisms that characterises a mixed culture back to a monoculture. The monoculture can thereby enjoy the benefits of mixed planting. In other words: FreeSoil introduces polyculture into a monoculture.

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