Chris Pelzer


Chris grew up amongst the grapevines, and from a young age he was fascinated by how plants grow. His interest in plants led him to study biology at Nijmegen, where he discovered the wonderful world of microbes.


Chris discovered a large body of knowledge relating to microbe-plant interactions with great potential applications. At Domain Aldenborgh, Peter and Chris try to exploit this potential as effectively as possible. They want to share their experiences and concepts with the largest possible group of farmers and growers through FreeSoil.


Chris is a practical scientist: curious, working from a basis of scepticism, and very forceful and persistent when there is a need to persuade. He continues to search for solutions to further enhance plants and the soil, always with a positive and critical attitude. His role within the FreeSoil team is crucial as the person responsible for the compost production and setting up and monitoring the experimental crops.