FreeSoil has been created for farmers and growers on the basis of the experience and knowledge of regenerative agriculture that Peter and Chris have accrued. The market is increasingly demanding sustainable, locally produced food, and farmers and growers are encountering ever stricter laws and regulations concerning crop protection. Synthetic products are increasingly being prohibited in standard production. Organic production is also being ever more restricted, e.g. with regard to the use of sulphur and copper.

Biological pest control is growing. Insects, bacteria and fungi are being used to make life harder for pests and diseases. These products are often one-sided and expensive, while the farmer/grower would benefit from a complete solution. (see also: The FreeSoil Philosophy).

FreeSoil offers a holistic approach that is provided to farmers/growers through very concrete, practical resources. The approach consists of compost, easy-to-use processing equipment, education and information. All very manageable, and it can be viewed and consulted at any time via an online platform for service and questions. The FreeSoil solution thereby also helps the farmer to break free from traditional crop protection and take control of his valuable soil and crop again. FreeSoil helps the farmer and grower to be more engaged in managing the value of his possession, the soil, and the healthy product that he produces for the community with it.

Products & services


FreeSoil products and services help the farmer to make the transition to a living soil as independently as possible.

FreeSoil always offers a combination of the following products and services:


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