At the heart of FreeSoil is the use of a high quality compost that meets the applicable requirements for ‘disease suppressiveness’. This is compost that curbs diseases. We carefully assemble this compost. And we monitor very closely how the compost develops in terms of its living elements (bacteria, fungi and higher organisms). After all, compost is a living material. We supply the compost directly to our customers (farmers and growers). The grower himself produces an extract from the compost to spray at the time that he feels necessary. FreeSoil recommends spraying at least once a week, preferably in the early evening when the wind has died down a bit. 

Leaf feed and biostimulators 

We also supply FreeSoil customers with high-quality leaf feed and biostimulators to be added to the compost. The growers can thereby get the best out of the soil and the plant.


FreeSoil compost is produced very carefully on the basis of a unique formula, and its components are closely monitored during production.





The right (!) fungi are essential to suppress diseases and to feed the crop.