We understand that farmers and growers may have a lot of questions about adopting the FreeSoil approach to regenerative agriculture. Farmers and growers must know clearly what to do, and particularly why. Only then can they think in terms of the system as a whole, and all the various steps will fall into place for them like a puzzle.


The FreeSoil team strives for intensive collaboration and open communication with the farmer and grower in which we share experiences openly and transparently. Our collaboration also continues to be a learning process. Every crop has its own challenges. And happily nature continues to be a living phenomenon. We are convinced that we can make a contribution to a healthy living soil in every crop and in every situation. And that we can thereby make our food production and floriculture crops more sustainable thanks to our extensive experience, in-depth knowledge of crops and years of work based on soil symbiosis.


In viticulture we always start by taking soil samples from the plots where you want to switch to the FreeSoil cultivation method. That gives both you and us insight into the situation at the start. By repeating this annually we steadily develop an in-depth insight into the improvement of the soil. If required, FreeSoil can also take leaf sap analyses during the cultivation season in order to identify the plant’s specific deficiencies. One of the specialists will personally support you when start working with the FreeSoil method. You will learn how to extract and spray. You can also refer to a private FreeSoil YouTube channel with instruction videos. Our specialists can also be contacted by telephone and by e-mail. And if this is not enough, you can obviously arrange a meeting with one of our specialists.  

FreeSoil will shortly be launching a focused (free) course for crop supervisors and trainers. If you are a crop supervisor or adviser and are interested in taking part, please register via


The Free Soil method is currently being tested on a number of other agricultural and horticultural crops, both field-grown and in greenhouses. If you are interested in the FreeSoil method, please contact us.