We produce an organic compost (100% plant-based) with the optimum balance of microbes.

We package this in specially developed compost trays in order to keep the soil organisms in optimum condition (respiration). 

You regularly receive a new batch of fresh compost containers from us.

The prescribed amount of compost goes in the special extraction bags, and those are placed in the FreeSoil extractor. All you need to add is water. The extractor contains special cascade blades in order to keep the oxygen percentage optimal. This means that the maximum diversity of microbes are extracted and remain alive (in the unaccustomed watery environment). The extraction takes 1.5 hours. 

After the compost extract is processed it is poured into the sprayer and diluted with water. You now add the other FreeSoil components and then spray the extract over the crop on a weekly basis. Preferably spray in the evening.