FreeSoil wants farmers and growers to produce healthier food from healthier living soils. Healthy food is produced on a healthy soil. At the heart of a healthy (natural) soil is the humus that feeds the symbiosis between plant and soil life.


Around the world large proportions of the soil used for food production are in a poor condition. Since the Second World War the nutrient-rich humus layer in agricultural soil has been broken down by the large-scale use of artificial fertiliser and intensive tillage. The microbes have disappeared, particularly the soil fungi and multicellular organisms such as protozoa and beneficial nematodes. Plants have become more vulnerable to diseases, take up fewer constituent substances and suffer from declining flavour.


We can achieve more sustainable agriculture and horticulture by no longer working with sterile soils, but instead stimulating the enormous wealth of micro-organisms in natural soils. Without artificial fertiliser and crop protection products.



FreeSoil gives farmers and growers a healthier soil that produces a healthier crop such as fruit or vegetables. Healthier crops have a high nutritional value because they contain a higher percentage of dry matter and more constituent substances. They are more resistant to stress and cope more flexibly with climatological or ecological changes such as drought or excessive water. So a farmer needs to intervene less (and therefore saves money). Healthier (natural) soils contain a higher percentage of humus, capture more CO2, emit less nitrous oxide and contribute to clean surface water. And yet the grower will pay much less for FreeSoil for virtually all crops than the artificial fertiliser and crop protection that he currently uses.


FreeSoil is distinctive and innovative because it is ‘natural’. It goes to the source and combines a centuries-old solution from nature with today’s technology. Simple and with much lower costs for the farmer. Growers purchase an affordable, easy-to-use solution for improving the soil with tailor-made compost that matches the existing soil characteristics.