FreeSoil is working with its business partners to develop spraying technologies to suit every crop and every cultivation method. Because FreeSoil works with living organisms, standard sprayer technology cannot automatically be used. 



FreeSoil has developed a venturi sprayer in collaboration with a leading manufacturer of agricultural spraying equipment. This sprayer can distribute microbes over a greater distance without damaging the components. As a result, the compost extract is delivered to the soil very efficiently and with minimal soil compaction. In viticulture this method of spraying requires just 15 minutes work per hectare per week, depending on the shape of the plot. 




For winegrowers who first want to try out FreeSoil on a test plot we have an alternative to the professional Venturi sprayer, namely a modified Stihl sprayer. With this modified Stihl sprayer you can spray 1 hectare with the FreSoil compost extracts and additives in around 9 sessions. The Stihl sprayer has a capacity of 14 litres of spraying liquid. 1 hectare requires around 125 litres.


We are constantly working to develop new spraying technologies and methods. Particular crops or cultivation regions have specific needs. But one thing all our spraying equipment has in common: it is always able to apply the living FreeSoil organisms to the crop alive.