Growers of vegetables, fruit, flowers and plants sometimes need to look at things from a different perspective in order to recognise what the consumer wants. Henk has been building bridges between these two different worlds throughout his professional life. He is a retail man to his fingertips, and also literally has horticulture in his genes, with a father and grandfather who worked in the fruit sector.


Following his training at the Higher Agriculture College in Utrecht, Henk’s employers have included FloraHolland in Bleiswijk and Naaldwijk, flower and plant exporter Zurel in Aalsmeer and the Flower Council of Holland. At the latter his work included developing – in conjunction with Nielsen – a yield model for fresh produce in the retail channel as an adviser to retail chains.


In 2002 he became his own boss after founding Fresh Retail, which is involved in the sale of fresh produce in the retail channel in an unorthodox way. Instead of thick reports, Henk prefers to go out and about with clients in order to study consumer behaviour in the stores. And then a display window on a lingerie shop, for example, can be read as an extremely useful guide.


Henk is a problem solver specialising in the marketing of fresh food, flowers and plants. He travels all over the globe to advise growers and farmers on what does and does not work in terms of marketing on the shelf in store. He turns problems into solutions, and keeps a close eye on relevant international trends that influence the business.