FreeSoil offers 3 services that can be provided separately or together depending on a grower’s circumstances. Each of the services offers a specific benefit for the grower, from insight into the current soil quality through to an integrated approach for soil improvement.

Insight into soil quality

We analyse the soil by taking a soil sample at least once a year. This is analysed by a specialist laboratory. You then receive the analysis and an explanation/advice from a microbiologist. This explanation/advice provides insight into the state of the soil and a picture of what is required to achieve a healthy soil again. We thereby specifically look at the parameters that fit with the most natural way in which grapes grow. By encouraging the soil (in monocultures) to move in this direction we stimulate the crop’s resilience.

Developing natural soil life

We provide a total soil treatment. We inject our FreeSoil HQ compost into the soil near the roots. This accelerates the soil’s recovery. Whilst the soil often needs 2 to 4 years to get back to peak condition without the treatment, an annual soil treatment helps speed up this process.

Encouraging plant-soil symbioses

This is based on the leaf treatment with the FreeSoil HQ compost extract combined with a number of supplementary organic leaf fertiliser products (including seaweed). This treatment contains microbes together with low concentrations of micro-nutrients (incl. iron, manganese, copper, boron and zinc) and (natural) plant hormones such as auxins and cytokinins that have a positive effect on plant growth and resilience. The combination of seaweed extract with FreeSoil-Oil (fulvic acid for adhesion/spread) ensures that nutrients are absorbed efficiently. Our fulvic acid is made from organic residual waste and is a natural product. A leaf application gives results after just a couple of hours, and has a less long-lasting but much faster effect than soil application. Because of the shorter working we therefore recommend that it is repeated regularly during the growing season.


Growers carry out the treatment themselves with the special extraction equipment that can be purchased or leased. Naturally the grower receives support from the experts from FreeSoil or by making use of the online support via our YouTube channel.


FreeSoil will soon also be able to carry out the treatment for the grower on request.